Forming of BJS’s first game: Tears of Samsara

Reforming of BJS's first game: Tears of Samsara

The current title screen/logo for a game of mine that’s been in development hell for the past two years. It’s had many ups and downs and its previous incarnations have been on hiatus constantly due a number of problems, as well as me diverting my attention to other games.

But no longer! This will be Bloody Jester Studios’ (namely only myself..) first major project and hopefully be completed some day.

Development on Tears of Samsara is turning out rather well, and I’m currently focusing on several different things at the moment; Spriting, Portraits, and map design.

I hope that everyone viewing this will give their support~ 🙂 (The screen was again made by Kds over at If you’re in need of a logo, I recommend checking his shop out, the guy’s awesome!)


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